Making Time for the Gym

Make a Plan Do you desperately want to exercise more but simply cannot find enough time? Have you been putting off starting a fitness programme for ages? You can kick-start your training with a very simple time management plan. Make a rough log for a week or so of how you spend your days. If Read more

7 Amazing Paleo Desserts That Will Help You Lose Weight Without Feeling Guilty

[Banner] There have been endless amount of diets knocking about for years but the reality is, most of them are unsustainable, don’t have lasting effects and in some cases, can be dangerous.  The Paleo Diet (sometimes referred to as the Caveman Diet) is a more of a lifestyle change and is based on what people Read more

Rhodiola Rosea: An Age-Old Miracle Supplement

The market for supplements has grown exponentially in recent years. These products often promise to burn belly fat, increase muscle mass, speed up your metabolism and boost your energy, usually with little effort. While these claims are usually found to be exaggerated, more importantly, these chemical-based products lack longitudinal studies, and before long, they quickly Read more

What Do Heat Shock & Cold Shock Proteins Do For Your Body ?

The body is an incredibly complex machine. Even before you think closely about something like cell division, it’s evident how many systems must work in concert for our bodies to function. Unfortunately, we don’t have an owner’s manual to the human body to tell us all the fine details. Figuring out the best way how Read more

Can Eating More Food Help You Lose Weight ?

In modern society, weight loss is a topic that elicits concerns across the board. According to the NHS one in four British adults are obese and the most recent studies show that more than 20% of American adults are obese. Globally, the menace seems to have doubled since 1980 with about 1.9 billion people aged Read more

The Incredible Medicinal Powers of Mushrooms

What’s your opinion on mushrooms? While many people today just think of them simply as food, they’re much more than that. Regardless of what you think about the common mushroom you might find as a topping on your pizza, there is a lot for one to appreciate about fungi. For thousands of years, our forebears Read more

10 Health Benefits of Hemp

In many circles, hemp tends to have a negative connotation, due solely to its association with marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are both products of the cannabis plant, which means that the association does have merit. However, there are several notable differences between hemp and marijuana. Marijuana leaves are high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that Read more

The Amazing Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant: Ashwagandha

Do you ever stop to wonder just how people got along without all the benefits of modern medicine? One only needs to stroll into their local market or pharmacist to instantly have access to a vast array of over the counter medicines that can help you cope with everything from allergies to headaches and even Read more

8 Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein has become an exceptionally popular health food product in recent years, largely for how it can help users meet their fitness and nutrition goals. Whey is incredibly high in protein content, which means that whey protein is useful as a supplement for helping people achieve their recommended daily protein intake levels. It is Read more

The Awesome Qualities of the Cordyceps Mushroom

If you have ever been on a walk through the woods, there’s no doubt you eventually stumbled across some growing fungus. Whether mushrooms are budding out of the side of a fallen and rotting tree or toadstools are cropping from the undergrowth, there’s an enormous amount of diversity among them. Some are poisonous, some are Read more