Cleaner Foods, Cleaner Life – The Benefits of Organic Foods and Supplements

The organic food craze has been sweeping across our nation, as well as throughout the rest of the world. Organic food products and supplements are in high demand everywhere, as many people look for healthier and safer nutritional options.

Yet, are these organic supplements and foods really better for you? What sets them apart from their non-organic counterparts? What’s all the fuss about?

What Makes a Food Product or Supplement Organic?

An organic food product is one that is grown and processed without the aid of chemical or synthetic pesticides or petroleum (and other unnatural fertilisers). To be deemed organic, a food item must also not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Furthermore, if the food product is livestock, it must be free to roam outdoors, fed an organic diet, and would not be given hormones to promote growth, animal by-products, or antibiotics. Since farmers primarily raise livestock for meat, eggs, or dairy products, a violation of any of these terms results in a consumer food product that cannot be considered organic. Likewise, organic supplements are vitamins and supplements which are derived naturally from plants, rather than created in a lab. In short, if a food product is genetically modified in any way or altered by other human-made chemicals or hormones, it cannot be considered organic.

Why are Organic Food Products Deemed Healthier Than Their Non-Organic Counterparts?

Now that you understand what qualifies a food product or supplement as organic, you might be wondering why the distinction matters. After all, genetically modified foods are created to grow faster and withstand powerful pesticides.

The problem, however, lies in the traces of pesticides that remain in the crop after it is harvested and sent to the store. By eating non-organic foods, you expose yourself to an array of pesticides and likely, GMOs. Pesticides are known to cause serious health and behavioural problems in children and put pregnant women at risk. While GMOs are a controversial topic, many claim there is a link between genetically modified foods and serious health risks, such as cancer.

The same goes for livestock. When you purchase eggs, dairy, or meat that has been fed a GMO-laden diet or given antibiotics and hormones, you’re now ingesting these very same things, which can lead to adverse health problems.

Supplements created in test tubes are made to mimic natural supplements and vitamins, but are not naturally derived, which means you often won’t receive the same amount of nutrients from non-organic supplements and vitamin products. While the UK currently does not grow genetically modified crops, we do receive imported foods containing GMOs.

Why Are Organic Supplements and Foods More Expensive?

Since farmers are using natural pesticides on their crops, they have to pay more to get a smaller harvest than large, GMO farmers. Livestock raisers also have to pay more for organic feed for their animals. In general, organic farms will also produce smaller amounts of food than non-organic farms, so organic farmers are not always able to sell their products at the same low prices.

Of course, when it comes to looking at your health and your family’s health, purchasing organic, nourishing foods that will promote health will most likely outweigh the extra costs. You’ll also probably save money on medicines, doctor’s visits, and spend less time out of work due to illnesses.

Additional Benefits of Organic Foods and Supplements

In addition to not containing the harmful chemicals that non-organic foods contain, there are other benefits to buying organic. Firstly, when you purchase organic, you’re taking a stand against farmers who put themselves, their families, and their workers at risk by using harmful pesticides. In essence, you’re voting for safer, healthier working conditions. You’re also promoting healthier soil and water, due to less pollution caused by these chemicals.

When you buy organic meat, dairy, or eggs, you’re also supporting better living conditions for animals on farms. You’re keeping money out of the hands of factory farms, or farms who view animals as simply money and force them to live in harsh conditions, sometimes without any sunlight. Buying organic livestock products shows you don’t agree with animal cruelty.

The most direct benefit, however, is that you’ll derive more nutrients from eating organic foods and supplements than you will from non-organic foods. You’ll also be decreasing your risk of harmful diseases linked to non-organic foods. As a result, you’ll not only feel healthier; you will be healthier.

If Organic Foods Are Beneficial, Why Do I Need Supplements

Organic foods provide the best way for your body to receive the highest amounts of nutrients and vitamins. Eating an organic diet is always better than making up for lost nutrients with supplements. However, it can be quite difficult always to maintain a fully balanced diet, and thus, supplements are used to help your body receive the nutrients it may be missing, to promote better health and well-being.

What Are Some of the Best Organic Supplements to Consider?

The supplements and specific vitamins you need depend heavily on your individual diet and body. However, there are a few common supplements from Focus Performance you can take to boost your overall health and mental well-being:

Hemp PrO – this supplement contains organic hemp protein found in hemp plants. This protein contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, amino acids, and BCAAs. Hemp protein is an excellent way to get all nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce on our own. This supplement blend is perfect for anyone needing extra protein.

Optimal Sport – this supplement contains natural mushrooms, herbs, and plants, that boost the immune system and offer you more energy.

Optimal Mind – this nootropic supplement blend of organic plants, mushrooms, and herbs, provides support to your immune systems and helps your mind to focus along with improving memory.

Eating organically, adding these natural supplements to your diet, and exercising is the best way to ensure you remain healthy, energised, focused, and fit.

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