Jessie Fox

A former professional dancer, Jessie now works as a personal fitness trainer and is co-director of SynchroFitness. Jessie is also a competitive Masters synchronised swimmer, having achieved a silver medal in the Nationals in 2015! She is now preparing for the European championships in May 2016 and has a firm eye on the World championships!

Jessie does weight & HIT training 5 days a week and also trains in the water 8 hours per week, alongside flexibility and yoga sessions.

She eats a balanced diet of protein, natural fats & complex carbohydrates and supplements her diet with superfoods, hemp protein, vitamins and fish oil.

Jessie says, "being strong, healthy and happy is at the forefront of my mind everyday. I treat my body with the utmost respect: conditioning it to its best form and feeding it with the best nutrients I can source. I have grown fierce determination and focus through the love of my sport but also through the magic and wonder of the human body and mind"