Nathan Carter


Nathan Carter

Bude, North Cornwall, UK

Surfing, Longboarding, Stand Up Paddleboard

My passion for surfing started some 20+ years ago as a child on the North Cornwall Coast. I can still remember the first time my dad took me out and pushed me into some small waves at our local beach. I was hooked...

I have been fortunate enough to travel all around the world looking for great waves. I almost called Australia home on two separate occasions, but the lure of the cold, dark Atlantic Ocean was like a sirens call. I must admit to sometimes wondering what the hell I was thinking to not stay in sub tropical Northern New South Wales, but this usually coincides with attempting to put on a soaking wetsuit at the top of some exposed cliff on a balmy 3 degree February day with a freezing wind blowing into places you really don’t want it to...

I have always had an affinity for longboards, i.e. surfboards over 9’0” in length. I have been fortunate enough to have been very well supported throughout my time as a longboarder and have worked with some fantastic brands.

In recent years I have also become a fan of Stand Up Paddleboarding. I love offshore paddling. The feeling of gliding on deep water swells is something that I will never grow bored of. However recently I have been really embracing the adventure side of paddling. I have been accessing extremely remote surfing spots on my paddleboard, loaded up with a pack full of food, my surfboard and my wetsuit. I can spend days at a time with just close friends enjoying the solitude of previously inaccessible spots, paddling, surfing and camping with just the seals for company.

My whole trip with surfing now is about adventure. I want to surf the best and biggest waves I can in the most remote places I can find. I love nothing more than picking a spot on a map that I believe has potential and hiking in. The feeling of surfing a place for the first time and realising that you have found a little gem is what life is about for me. I want to continue to evolve my style. I’m becoming more and more aware that to perform well in any water based discipline you have to have a solid foundation in style and sometimes we tend to overlook style in the pursuit of progression or being radical. By the time I kick the bucket I’d love to be considered "stylish" in all my chosen water sports. I also realised a long time ago that the key to longevity and progression is based around taking care of yourself.

Health, fitness and nutrition play a huge role in my life. I have worked within the Fitness Industry for 15 years (when I’m not surfing :) and training both elite athletes and everyday clients is something that I feel blessed to be able to call a "job". I take my own training very seriously and follow a strict routine of exercise and nutrition. Eating a predominately organic diet is very important to me and as I am very aware of what I put into my body, I have never really taken any sports or fitness supplements having never trusted the ingredients. This changed a full 360 degrees when I discovered Focus Performance and realised that my supplementation could match and exceed the quality of my food. I believe that when I take Focus products I am compromising nothing. Focus fits into my daily routine perfectly.