Roy McLean

Roy McLean

Roy McLean

Master Personal Trainer and Competitive Body Builder

Major Achievements:


  • 1 st place South Coast qualifier
  • 1 st place British Championships first timer’s class
  • 1 st place Hercules Olympia Over 40s 2013,2014,2015,2016
  • IBFA Mr Europe two years running
  • IBFA Mr Univers
  • 2 nd in WABBA Universe
  • 3 rd in WABBA World Champion
  • 1 st Place Saxon Classic 2016


Roy has trained and competed in martial arts all of his life and holds a black belt in Aikido and kyokushin Karate.


"I have trained with heavy weights my whole life and it was always a goal of mine to one day compete as a bodybuilder. I love the challenge that building muscle and a quality physique presents, there are no excuses, if you don’t put in the work it will show when you hit the stage.


In 2005 I decided to do my first show which was the south coast qualifier for the British Championships. I took 1 st place in the first timers category out of a line up of 24 competitors which in turn qualified me for the British championships 6 months later, to my amazement I also took 1st place in this show and was off to the perfect start.


My ethos is to always stay consistent with my training and my diet which has enabled me to make good improvements year on year. In the past 11 years I have never been out of the top 3 in any qualifier and I have won as a heavy weight at the Stars of Tomorrow and the Kent Classic, to name but a few.


As a Master over 40 I've won the Hercules Olympia 4 years running, IBFA Mr Europe twice, IBFA Mr Universe, came 2nd in the WABBA Universe and 3rd in WABBA World Championships. I am now 50 so in 2016 I will be competing as a Super Master and have already notched up a win in the Saxon Classic this year."


Roy can be contacted on Facebook and Instagram for contest prep and training & nutrition advice.


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