Seb Birch


Seb Birch

Height: 6ft
Weight 100kg

Seb is based in Brighton, East Sussex and has been involved in sports and fitness his entire life. Seb is currently the Director of New Business at a Brighton based telecoms company as his key business role along with more recently branching out into property development.

Way back in the 90’s (when many reading this were probably born!) Seb won club level tennis titles and played field hockey for Sussex and then captained the South of England team. As his interests developed into his 20’s he found his true passion for weight and strength training. Many a cold Sunday afternoon was spend with Scott Reid (2 x Britain strongest man under 105kg) in Hastings strongman training, brutalising themselves in events such as farmers walk, atlas stones up to 180kg and the always pleasant log lift!

Seb continued to weight train through his mid 20’s and started mma training in around 2009, this led to completing at full contact fighting MMA at an amateur level at what was then, ZT Fight Skool. Since then injuries have played a big part in his progression, in 2011 he suffered a torn ACL while sparring with Oli Thompson (former Britain’s strongest man, UCMMA Heavyweight MMA champ and UFC Veteran) which from a fighting standpoint, he never really recovered from.

Since then Seb has dedicated his time to not only weights and fitness but to nutrition and really learning what foods, supplements work for him. He has done work with Skinny Chimp clothing and has now chosen Focus Performance as his supplement partner. In august 2015 Seb competed at the UKBFF Kent Klassic at Men's Physique which was a great experience and he is now currently training to add some quality lean mass and looks forward to competing again next year either at Men's Physique again or at Classic Bodybuilding.