About us

Who We Are?

Focus Performance is an online nutrition company offering expertise in the field of sports nutrition. They offer clean supplements for healthy living and performance optimisation. Their ethos comes from experience, knowledge and a clear understanding of the importance of nutrition and how it needs to work with and not against your body.


Ryan White (MMA Fighter)

Focus Performance products are top quality and taste awesome. Perfect for when I'm training for a fight.

Kiri Novak (Kickboxer and Biathlete)

I've always used whey in the past but now I'm using Focus Performance's Hemp PrO, I'll never look back. Best flavoured hemp I've ever had and no sugar... Amazing!

James Reid (Crossfit Competitor)

As someone who is concerned with what I put in my body, Focus Performance's clean supplements are perfect. Using these supplements makes it so easy for me to avoid things like sugar and get the most out of my training.