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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to change how the sports industry approaches nutrition by developing health supplements that use the best quality ingredients, without compromise.

To be the best is to be fully formed. We always keep our word. We never back down, never lose focus. It’s our mission to help you achieve your goals – this is reflected in everything we do, from our products, to our nutritional guides, to our community.  

We’re more than our products. We’re a tribe of dedicated athletes across a range of skill levels and disciplines. We’re a family, a support system. And it sets us on fire to help people like you stand up and fight.

We’re in this together. No excuses, no giving up, no backing down.

Focus. Perform. Achieve. Are you with us?

About Focus Performance

What We Do

Focus Performance is about clean and healthy supplements. Our five core products (Hemp PrO, Grass Fed Whey, Accelerate, Optimal Sport, and Optimal Mind) have been designed for motivated, goal-driven individuals and competitive athletes who really care about what they put in their bodies.

All of our products are designed to help you reach optimum performance. It’s not enough to push yourself to the limit physically. To be the best, you can’t cut corners.

That means nutritional supplements made with the highest quality ingredients teamed with the know-how to break through your limits. Never giving up. Never compromising.

We oversee all product development to ensure consistency and quality, and we’re always honing and improving our recipes. There are no quick wins. And we are all in.

Who are Focus Performance?

Focus Performance was formed in 2013 by cousins Scott Reid and Martin Hayman. They’d grown more than a little tired of seeing the amount of poor sports nutrition products on the market, that were stuffed with fillers, sugar, and unclean ingredients. It’s clear so many of these so-called ‘high quality’ supplements were actually all about profit with no real thought for quality.

Martin and Scott - Focus Performance

Since those early days, our products have developed and improved, and they continue to improve to this day.

We’re an independent, self-driven business, and our motivation is built upon products that we know can help improve your performance! We will never compromise on the quality and integrity of our products. We’re about more than sales. We’re about building the best by changing the way the sports industry approaches nutrition.


Scott Reid

Scott is an expert in strength and conditioning and also coaches functional nutrition. In 2004, he started training for Strongman. He competed many times in Europe and Scandinavia before winning Britain’s Strongest Man (U105kg) in 2007 also representing Great Britain at the 2007 IFSA World's Strongest Man (U105kg) which was held in China.

Scott’s success continued in 2008 where he competed all over Eastern Europe before going on to win Britain’s Strongest Man for a second time in 2008.

Scott now coaches MMA Athletes and Strongmen to name but a few, helping them to implement a well-structured diet and become more powerful, explosive versions of themselves. Scott also trains in BJJ and MMA himself as he says it keeps him humble!

Scott’s passion for understanding the human body and how to optimise every aspect of it has driven him to study under legends such as Paul Chek and he now helps Focus Performance with the research and development of their ever-growing product range.

Want some advice from Scott? Email him at scott@focusperformance.co.uk

Scott Reid - Focus Performance
Martin Hayman
Martin Hayman - Focus Performance

Martin took up MMA back in 2003, training under Sol Gilbert. He has since trained with the likes of UFC vets John Hathaway and Oli Thompson and despite work life taking more time away from training than he’d like, he still enjoyed winning 7 of his 9 amateur fights before stepping up to pro level for a short period in 2008.

Martin now competes in the gi after turning his focus to BJJ, as well as improving his knowledge of all things nutrition related.

Seb Birch

In 2015, Seb Birch joined the management team bringing with him a degree in sports science along with 18 inch arms (he’s a pussy cat though)! He has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years having competed and trained in MMA and BJJ. He has a wealth of training and nutrition knowledge having also competed at Men’s Physique in 2015.

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Focus Performance is about helping you to exceed your goals. We’re a community of dedicated athletes on a mission to change the way the sports industry approaches nutrition.

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