There are a lot of rumours out there about sports supplements. Some experts claim they can help you improve your game, while others insist they’re not worth the money. Understanding the key points in this debate can help you understand if sports supplements are right for you.

Who Are Sports Supplements Intended For?

Sports supplements are designed to help keep athletes healthy. They ensure that athletes receive the proper nutrition required to participate in sports that quickly deplete essential nutrients.

Even when athletes maintain a well-balanced diet, supplements can be not only beneficial, but also necessary from an overall health standpoint. As noted in the Nutritional Resource, supplements have been proven to “boost strength, performance and recovery. They are available in numerous different forms ranging from multivitamins and minerals through to protein, creatine, fat burners and various other ‘ergogenic’ aids.”

Of course, if an athlete does not maintain a healthy, balanced diet, they are in even greater need of sports supplements to add essential nutrients and vitamins into their bodies.

Are Supplements and Vitamins Harmful?

People, not just athletes, need to establish a balanced diet to receive essential nutrients. When they don’t follow a balanced diet, vitamins and supplements can be used to make up for the missing vital nutrients within a person’s body.

Just like traditional vitamins, sports supplements should be used to make up for nutrients lost during extreme bouts of exercise and to aid in supporting a well-balanced diet. However, too much of certain vitamins can also be problematic. As long as you are following the instructions on your sports supplements container and you are an athlete in need of vitamins to complement your diet, then sports supplements can actually be vital to your overall success and performance.

What Types of Supplements are the Most Beneficial?

Not all sports supplements are created equally. The good news is, most sports supplements contain a variety of essential nutritional supplements that athletes need, eliminating the need to purchase dozens of different types and brands.

Supplements will help bring you nutritional support for holes in your diet and can assist in ensuring you remain healthy, strong, and alert. If you’re not well-versed in sports nutrition or new to the supplement world, here are a few key sports supplements that can aid in your overall athletic performance and nutritional success.

Hemp and Whey Protein

These two supplements are perhaps the most prevalent in the sports world, and each serves a valuable and important service. Hemp protein is generally a constructed from organic Hemp, and contains Edestin and Albumin which allows for this protein to be more easily digested by humans. This protein also contains essential amino acids, as well as BCAAs, Omega 3, and Omega 6. Check out Hemp PrO.

Whey protein is another option for gaining essential nutrients. When searching for the best choice, you should look for whey protein from grass fed cattle, to ensure you receive the maximum nutrients possible. Our Grass Fed Whey protein will provide you with BCAAs and helps with muscle building, endurance training, weight loss, mood regulation, and successful diabetes management.

Additional Important Supplements

This includes BCAAs, Creatine, Glutamine, and Omega 3 supplements, all of which can positively impact an athlete’s performance and nutrition.

BCAAs absorb directly into the bloodstream, which triggers an increase in amino acids. This, in turn, provides essential levels of energy needed for working out, improving your endurance. Also, BCAAs has links to fat loss and improved fat burning processes.

Creatine is used to improve power, speed, and strength, while also helping athletes build lean mass. Glutamine can be taken to help repair sore, damaged muscles, and aid in building stronger muscles. It’s also a major contributor in muscle protein synthesis. Omega 3 is an essential nutrient you’ve likely heard about before. 100% Omega 3 is useful in maintaining a healthy brain and cardiovascular system.

Other helpful sports supplements can also provide a complete nutrition and performance boosting aid to athletes. Optimal Sport, for instance, can provide athletes with clean energy. This supplement is perfect to take before working out or exercising as it provides increased endurance, energy, and strength. It also helps with muscle recovery and is completely stimulant free.

Optimal Mind is a Nootropic and contributes to improving immune health and energy systems. This supplement helps to improve focus, memory, and reaction times, which can be extremely beneficial to athletes when training or performing.

Greens powder such as Earth Grown Greens also has impressive benefits for athletes. This supplement contains vital greens like spirulina, kale, cucumber, spinach, wheat grass, shave grass, avocado, and more. Greens are an excellent source of fibre and help aid in preventing diseases.

Likewise, Earth Grown Reds are another powerful supplement that athletes should consider. This superfood blend contains berries, pomegranate, watermelon, beetroot, carrot, and other essential reds that help ensure athletes receive a steady supply of nutrients.