How to Stay Motivated at the Gym

The physical results we get from going to the gym are much more rewarding than the actual hard work of going there and putting in the time and effort it takes to get lean and/or muscular. It can undoubtedly be quite difficult to keep motivated and continue going to the gym week in and week out. As a result, it is easy to end up in a downward cycle of not putting in the work, becoming discouraged at getting no results and then end up giving up.

To prevent low motivation and giving up, here are a few powerful techniques available to build the motivation that will keep you going to the gym.

Put A Motivating Picture On On Your Workout Phone / Music Player!

Nearly everyone brings their phone or MP3 player to the gym when working out to keep track of the time and listen to music. If you find yourself losing motivation and feeling like quitting early, then make sure you have a motivating photo on your phone to keep you going during sets and cardio work. The benefits of working out are massive in terms of increased life expectancy, greater energy and looking and feeling much better. Putting a picture on your phone of someone with an awesome physique, your child that you want to live longer for or your spouse that you want more energy for are great ways of increasing motivation.

Get A Gym Partner

Get A Gym Partner

When a person goes to the gym by themselves it is very easy to cancel on any little whim; however, if you have a committed gym partner that you regularly pair up with to go to the gym, then there is a greatly increased chance that you will go even when you don’t feel like it.

Book Into Gym Classes

If all you do at the gym is run on the treadmill and lift weights by yourself it can very quickly become monotonous and unchallenging and reduce the likelihood of regular attendance. By booking into a variety of classes like Zumba, Pilates. Circuits or HIIT sessions you will find it more enjoyable and be more likely to go.

Arm Yourself With Statistics

Virtually every single bad health condition has a reduced likelihood of developing in those who regularly exercise. Take a look at the statistics on this and you will very quickly get motivated to work out more often!

Expert Tips

Tully Johns of HeroFit: “A number of people feel there is something wrong with them when motivation fades, they stop exercising and fail to reach their goal.
By realising that lacking motivation is completely normal you can then plan to maintain the habit even when motivation is low.” 

Health & Wellness Ambassador of LUXit, Ben Saravia: “Be consistent at all costs! When you start or begin anything new - results rarely come immediately, so it’s hard to stay motivated, rather than stressing out - be calm in the knowledge that by continuing to work out with regularity - soon your results will come - and packaged with these results is a newfound, intrinsic motivation that ensure going to the gym becomes a lot easier.”

Michael Briggs of First Place Fitness: Michael Briggs, a qualified personal trainer, former journalist and co-founder of Beyond Your Belly, advises that setting both aspirational and reactionary goals is a great way to keep you motivated. Aspirational goals such as wanting to look a bit more buff in the mirror are a great start, but reactionary goals such getting fit due to a medical scare keep you in the gym.

Tegan Groombridge, fitness enthusiast: “Always Run on a Monday. If you run on a Monday that goal of exercising 3 times a week gets so much easier. You have to run off the bad habits of the weekend, you have a fresh start to the week and you are ready to go. In our run group "Monday is a Runday"

Amanda Sterczyk, personal trainer and founder of The Move More Institute: “Sneak it in: Physical activity doesn’t need to be costly, complicated, of time-consuming. But it does have to happen every day. So rethink your workout and instead add physical activity to your daily routine. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, skip the drive-thru and park at the far end of the lot, ask your colleague to have a “walking meeting.” Every little bit of activity counts, so don’t get hung up on costly gym memberships or fancy workout clothes. Just get up and move more.” 

Matt Swierzysnki, personal trainer: “Setting realistic, achievable goals with milestones is a great way to help with motivation. If the overall goal is to run 10k, then break it into more achievable goals. e.g. to run 3k, 5k”


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