Hemp protein contains a unique mixture of two proteins, Edestin and Albumin making it far more digestible to humans than whey protein and other forms of plant based protein. Learn more about how this vegan friendly supplement can be a great addition to your diet and training.


Hemp seeds are composed of approximately:

  • 45 per cent oil
  • 35 per cent protein
  • 10 per cent carbohydrates

They are a remarkable source of many vitamins and minerals. These healthy seeds can be consumed on their own, or used to produce hemp oil or milk, which make excellent choices for anyone looking for vegan-friendly substitutes to add to their diet.

One popular way to consume hemp, is in the form of a protein powder. Hemp protein powder (and the seeds from which it's derived) has a broad range of benefits that make it a fantastic supplement for almost anyone’s diet.

Not sure if hemp is for you? Here are some scientifically backed reasons for adding a little more of the green super-food to your daily regimen.

Daily Regimen


As mentioned earlier, hemp seeds are high in protein, being made up of roughly 25-35 per cent. Most of us know that protein should be included as a significant part of our diets since it has a strong bearing on:

  • Muscle retention
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Keeping you feeling full

While protein can be derived from many sources, unfortunately not all protein is of equal quality.

A complete protein is one that contains all nine essential amino acids. These amino acids are essential in the sense that they form the foundation for all proteins found in the human body. Humans, though, cannot make these amino acids ourselves; we must obtain them through our diet. Hemp is unusual in that it not only contains many non-essential amino acids; it is also on a very small list of plants that contain all nine essential amino acids. Including hemp protein in a your diet is, therefore, an easy way to ensure that you are meeting all of your daily dietary requirements.

Hemp is also a high-quality protein because of its ability to be digested with ease by the body. In 2010, a study was conducted to determine the plant’s protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (or PDCAAS) which measures a food’s quality based on the number of amino acids it contains, as well as our ability to digest them. The study found that hemp protein's quality is "equal to or greater than certain grains, nuts, and some pulses." Good news for those trying to add a little extra protein to their diet in a way that’s also easy on the tummy.

Healthy Stomach


Since hemp is a complete protein, it is the ideal supplement to include in your post workout snacks. Adding it to a smoothie, is a quick on-the-go way to ensure you continue to build and repair muscle. If you have allergies that exclude other protein options such as dairy, eggs, gluten or soy for you, hemp is the ideal hypoallergenic protein choice.


Omega-3 is well-known for its importance in contributing to heart health and preventing arthritis, so much so that doctors and dieticians have been recommending a daily dose (often in the form of fish oil pills). Hemp seeds have a high level of both omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, making the seeds a superb supplement in this regard.


While most of us could use more fibre in our diets to keep our hearts healthy and digestion systems functioning smoothly (constipation is no one’s friend), it can be difficult to include enough of it without eating large quantities of vegetables or plain-tasting bran cereals.

Hemp protein powder is a great source for obtaining additional fibre. One or two tablespoons of hemp offer as much as eight grams of fibre! This is more than can be acquired from milk or whey protein powders which only provide one gram of fibre or less per serving. Since men typically need between 30 and 38 grams of fibre daily, and women between 21 and 25 grams, a serving of hemp protein powder will put you well on your way to meeting your daily requirements. Your heart and stomach will thank you for it.

Healthy Heart


From the common cold to the dreadful flu, there seems to be no shortage of illnesses spreading these days. And with such busy lives, it can be difficult to meet the dietary requirements needed to build a healthy immune system—not to mention getting enough sleep to keep up with life’s hectic pace. Hemp may be able to solve both of these problems.

A study conducted in China examined the effects of hemp seed protein on female mice. The study found that after giving the mice the protein in various quantities for four weeks, they were able to swim for longer periods without becoming fatigued. The results suggested that hemp seed protein could be used to improve the effects of fatigue and immunomodulation.

Adding a little hemp protein to your diet might be just what you need to get some of your energy back and have you keeping up with those mice.

Hemp seeds and its derived products have many health benefits that make it an excellent supplement for any diet. If you would like to incorporate more of this remarkable plant into your diet, there are many ways to do so as the powder form is extremely versatile.

As is the case with many other protein powders on the market, hemp protein powder can be used in shakes and smoothies, or simply blended with milk. It can also be mixed into many of your daily meals and snacks, such as oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, or soup. If you are someone who enjoys baking, you may want to try your hand at adding the powder to such baked goods as brownies, muffins, cakes and bread. Check out some recipes here. Just be sure to overlook it if your treats turn a bit green, as this sometimes happens due to the natural colouring of the powder.

There really is almost no shortage to what you can use hemp protein in, and its health benefits can’t be denied regardless of your reason to take it as a supplement.

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With hemp protein rapidly becoming the preferred plant-based protein of athletes and other health seekers, it may mean they have finally found a plant derived protein that can rival the almighty whey.


The results are in and the answer is: Yes, absolutely hemp protein is healthy but let’s find out exactly why and put any doubts to rest.

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