Optimal Immune

  • Increased Immune Function
  • Increased Cognitive Function
  • Improved Gut Health
  • Reduced Stress
  • Hormone Modulation


Optimal Immune has been formulated to provide you with an age old combination of tried and tested natural ingredients to give you a bulletproof immune system.

Through the wonders of nature, the ingredients in Optimal Immune can contribute towards increased immune function, increased cognitive function, improved gut health, reduced stress and hormone modulation.

Take your performance and resilience to the next level, then push yourself to new limits with Optimal Immune.

What are the benefits?

“Optimal Immune is the product of hard work and meticulous attention to
detail by industry leading experts. To have access to Optimal Immune and the
peace of mind it brings me has proven to be invaluable to my training, work
and everyday life”. - Scott Reid, Director of Focus Performance and 2 x Britain’s Strongest Man.

Thanks to a dual extraction process, this adaptogenic blend of medicinal plants and
mushrooms is packed full of Phytosterols, Polysaccharides (Beta-D-Glucans and
Alpha Glucans), Super Oxide Dismutase, Terpenoids, Triterpenes Betulin and
Betulinic Acid, but it doesn’t end there.

These powerhouses of nature are packed full of vitamin D and contain a unique blend of B-vitamins, comprising of vitamin B2, B3, B6 and even B12. B vitamins are essential for converting food into fuel for the body and are extremely beneficial to the gut and digestive system.

Other Benefits

The beneficial compounds found in Optimal Immune have been shown to
significantly lower inflammation and as a result could help you fight off anything from
a minor cold to a serious infection or looming illness.

They have been shown to Boosts NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells) by up to 300% and have also been shown to lower blood sugar, increase insulin sensitivity and lower insulin resistance.

And there's more...

These compounds have also been found to lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and increase good HDL cholesterol levels, reducing your risk of heart disease.

They can also boost antioxidant levels helping your body fight off free radical damage.

Studies have also show that these beneficial compounds can prevent and slow
cancer growth (in mice). In mice there was shown to be a 60% reduction in tumour

Further Information

Optimal Immune is the result of years of research; we went as far as to study Soviet Military research from the war in Afghanistan to inspire and balance the new Focus Optimal range. No short cuts have been taken and this is what sets the Optimal range above other adaptogenic products on the UK market.

Adaptogens such as Chaga, Reishi and others, are extremely complex extracts with 100s of mechanisms of action which may or may not complement one another! This is where most other blends fall at the first hurdle; they combine far too many ingredients that by themselves are extremely effective but when combined they actually have a detrimental effect on each other, severely compromising the product and cancelling out any benefit you would have gained from the ingredients.

The Focus Performance Optimal range is different because we have worked with leading researchers in this field to ensure every ingredient compliments the next and the dose of each is where it should be to enhance the potency and efficacy of the adaptogenic blends.

Immune Support and Hormone Modulation

Adaptogenic Plants, Mushrooms and Herbs are truly a wonder of nature, rather than boosting hormones and bodily systems out of control they work in synergy with the body balancing out any abnormalities such as a compromised immune system or low testosterone, they will help fight auto immune responses and ensure your body is running at 100% all of the time.

They have been shown to boost your natural killer cells by up to 300% (these killers cells fight infections, viruses and tumours within the body; they are our immune systems super hero’s!!!). Adaptogens also help lower stress hormones and promote homeostasis within all of our systems.

All of the above ads up to a bullet proof, healthy, cognitively enhanced version of you with boundless drive and energy to conquer your goals and live a vibrant meaningful life.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 Caps

Servings Per Container: 30


Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake, Oyster Mushroom, Reishi, Astragalus

Ingredients Per Cap (600mg):

175mg Inonotus obliquus extract - 6% triterpenes (Chaga).

80mg Lentinula edodes extract - 50% polysaccharides (Shiitake).

80mg Grifola frondosa extract - 50% polysaccharides (Maitake).

80mg Pleurotus ostreatus extract - 50% polysaccharides (Oyster Mushroom).

80mg Ganoderma lucidum extract - 30% polysaccharides / 3% triterpenes (Reishi).

80mg Astragalus membranaceus extract - 50% polysaccharides (Astragalus).


4 Capsules as needed, do not exceed more than 2 servings per day.

Use daily for best results.

Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from children at all times. Do not use if the seal is broken.


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