Is Hemp Protein Good for Vegans?

Vegans simply are those persons who do not eat animal products. The term vegan was introduced by Donald Watson in 1944. He also formed the Vegan Society to encourage humans to live without exploiting animals. Vegans do not eat and consume animal flesh including dairy products like cheese, butter, milk, eggs etc. Vegans and Vegetarians are often confused with each other. Vegetarians avoid meat but eat dairy products like eggs, cheese, milk and butter etc.

Vegan Diet

Hemp protein is extracted from hemp plant and they are nature’s best plant protein source. Hemp protein is the best choice for anyone who is looking to increase the protein intake from natural sources. Now the question arises, is hemp protein good and suitable for vegans? The answer is simply yes. In fact, hemp protein is the best vegan protein powder with 20 amino acids including those 9 amino acids namely “histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine” which our body is unable to produce on its own and we have to take them from dietary sources. For omnivores, the main benefit of plant-based protein powders is that they tend to be much easier on the digestive tract than some animal sources. However, many people worry that plant protein supplements taste like plants. For herbivores particularly vegans, it is like their normal diet.


Vegans can consume hemp protein without worrying about the source of the protein as it is only derived from plant sources unlike whey protein which is extracted from milk and as discussed earlier, vegans do not consume dairy products. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber. Extensive use of fibers is also not advisable. Experts always emphasize on a balanced diet.


Hemp protein is not just protein source but it also inherently has some essential fibers and fatty acids which most of the protein powders do not have. Hemp protein feels good to the taste buds and is easy to digest. Most of the people who are not vegans have also acknowledged the significance of hemp protein and now are also using hemp protein as a source of dietary protein. 


Hemp protein also contains omega-3 and omega-6 in a balanced ratio which vegans usually do not get from plant sources. Hemp protein has also helped people with various diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, skin allergies and heart problems. In a study carried out by Chinese health experts, vegans are open to threats of heart diseases, obesity, blood pressure and diabetes. As a cure, they suggested that vegans should use hemp protein in order to cope with the potential health threats that their bodies are exposed to and also to cover the protein needs of the body.


Hemp protein is the best source of protein for all including vegans yet the vegans are often seen reluctant of using it because of its name. Protein is considered to be found only in animal products which is not true at all. Hemp protein is completely derived from plant sources and suits well to vegans.